Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 29 September 2002
Written by Graham Yost
Directed by Jon Avnet
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The pilot was the first episode of Boomtown.

Plot summaryEdit

Two girls shot in a drive by, one murdered. Two boys in a Mercedes and on the run. Through these events, we are introduced to the complex web binding Boomtown’s central characters. We meet manipulative deputy D.A. David McNorris, whose wife witnessed the shooting and whose mistress Andrea Little is a journalist reporting the event. We see Joel Stevens, a determined detective trying to keep up the façade of a happy family life after the death of his baby and attempted suicide of his wife Kelly, and Teresa Ortiz the paramedic who knows the truth but pretends not to in order to protect him. "Fearless" Smith is Joel’s partner, a Gulf War veteran with a list of things to do before he dies after his best friend was shot by a sniper. Ray Hechler is a senior police officer under scrutiny after his previous partner was convicted of corruption in the Vista Heights scandal, while his current partner Tom Turcotte is constantly under pressure from his father and himself to live up to lofty expectations. We also get an insight into the short life of Cantrel LaFontaine and hear some philosophical words from his grandfather.





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