Sam Norvell is a guest character in the first season Boomtown episode "Execution". He is played uncredited by Isait De La Fuente. He is a rookie police officer at the same station as starring characters Joel Stevens, Bobby "Fearless" Smith, Ray Hechler and Tom Turcotte.

He is partnered with Officer Vincent Manzani, who is concealing his corruption. Manzani sells out Norvell, delivering him into the hands of the "AKs" street gang as a hostage in a staged abduction. He is taken to a warehouse and used by incarcerated "AKs" leader Daryl C. Norcott in an attempt to bargain for a stay of execution. Norcott's ploy is unsuccessful and his execution proceeds. He signals his gang members to kill Norvell. Norvell is able to wrest away one of their weapons when they lean in to taunt him about Manzani's corruption. He shoots several of his abductors before he is shot in the chest himself. His fellow officers arrive just after he has been shot. He tries to warn them about Manzani's corruption but is only able to say his name. They later realize the meaning of his message and confront Manzani. He attempts to flee arrest but is shot and killed by Hechler.