Season 2
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No. of episodes 6
Original run September 26, 2003 to
December 28, 2003
DVD release
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Season 2 of Boomtown consists of 6 episodes. It originally aired from September 26, 2003 to December 28, 2003 on NBC. It was only released on DVD in France.


Image Title Directed by Written by Original
air date
1 19 The Love of Money "The Love of Money" Jon Avnet Graham Yost September 26, 2003 2-01
Detective Katherine Pierce transfers to Joel, Fearless, Ray and Tom’s division as they try to nail Wisnicki and Chandler’s killers.
2 20 Inadmissible "Inadmissible" Jon Avnet Anne McGrail October 3, 2003 2-02
David gets out of rehab and is assigned to prosecute Sabrina Fithian. The police and D.A.’s office hope to bring down John Donadoni’s crime ring in the process. But when David’s father arrives in town, he is placed in a compromising position.
3 21 Wannabe "Wannabe" Jon Avnet, Marcello Daciano Fred Golan December 27, 2003 2-03
Joel and Fearless find out Teresa has joined the police academy when they arrive there to investigate a murder. Ray, Tom, and Katherine investigate a series of armed robberies committed by fake police officers.
4 22 120px "Haystack" Frederick King Keller Clyde Phillips December 27, 2003 2-04
Teresa is caught in an armed hostage situation at a shopping mall that requires her to draw on her police training.
5 23 The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang" Kevin Hooks Laurence Andries December 27, 2003 2-05
The police investigate when a body is discovered mummified behind a wall at an old 80s college fraternity house.
6 24 120px "The Big Picture" Frederick King Keller Laurie D. Arent December 28, 2003 2-06
Tom and Ray respond to a call of a domestic disturbance involving aspiring actress Erika Ashland and film director Mel Castle. They leave after seeing no signs of trauma but Tom is racked with guilt when Erika goes missing less than 24 hours later with Castle the prime suspect.





  1. Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Joel Stevens (6 episodes)
  2. Neal McDonough as Deputy District Attorney David McNorris (5 episodes)
  3. Mykelti Williamson as Detective Bobby "Fearless" Smith (6 episodes)
  4. Gary Basaraba as Officer Ray Hechler (5 episodes)
  5. Lana Parrila as Emergency Medical Technician Teresa Ortiz (3 episodes)
  6. and Jason Gedrick as Officer Tom Turcotte (5 episodes)

Guest starring

  1. Vanessa Williams as ROLE (6 episodes)
  2. NAME as ROLE (X episodes)


  1. NAME as ROLE (X episodes)



  1. Graham Yost - Executive Producer (6 episodes)
  2. Jon Avnet - Executive Producer (6 episodes)
  3. Laurence Andries - Co-Executive Producer (6 episodes)
  4. Stephen Sassen - Episodic Producer (6 episodes)
  5. Fred Golan - Producer (6 episodes)
  6. Lorie Zerweck - Co-Producer (6 episodes)


  1. Graham Yost - Creator (6 episodes), Executive Producer, Head Writer, Writer ("The Love of Money")
  2. Laurence Andries - Co-Executive Producer, Writer ("The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang")
  3. Fred Golan - Producer, Writer ("Wannabe")
  4. Anne McGrail - Freelance Writer ("Inadmissible")
  5. Clyde Phillips - Freelance Writer ("Haystack")
  6. Laurie D. Arent - Freelance Writer ("The Big Picture")


  1. Jon Avnet - Executive Producer, Director (3 episodes)
  2. Frederick K. Keller - Supervising Producer, Director (2 episodes)
  3. Marcello Daciano - Episode director ("Wannabe")
  4. Kevin Hooks - Episode director ("The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang")

Other crew

  1. Philip Giffin - Music (6 episodes)
  2. Denis Lenoir - Director of Photography
  3. Michael Hanan - Production Designer
  4. Debra Neil Fisher - Editor